Connect 5 March 2, 2023

Good evening.  This is Stacy Liles, Assistant Principal Aberdeen High School with an important announcement for all students regarding the Maryland School Climate Survey and AP students wishing to participate in AP exams. 


State law requires that all public schools in Maryland survey students about school climate. The purpose of the survey is to gain valuable information about the quality and character of each school’s learning environment so that schools can promote a climate that supports student learning.  


Students in grades 9 through 11 will take the Maryland School Climate Survey during regular school hours in Social Studies class sometime between March 13th and March 24th.  The survey will ask students about topics such as student engagement, interactions with adults and with other students in the school, the school environment, bullying, and safety. The survey will not ask about a student’s personal experiences, and students will not be asked to provide any information that might violate their privacy.   


The survey is confidential and school personnel will not have access to the responses of specific students. The responses your child provides will be combined with the responses from other students in the school, and results will be reported for each school and district. 


We ask that you remind your student to bring their school issued computer to school on a regular basis as they will need it to complete the survey.  Students cannot use a Smartphone device to complete it. 


The following part of this message pertains only to students currently taking Advanced Placement courses.  Students wishing to participate in AP exams that did not register in the fall have until Wednesday March 8th to register online through Total Registration.  The link to the site can be found on the Aberdeen High School website.


For questions regarding the Maryland School Climate Survey or AP testing, please contact Danielle Bane at [email protected]