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JOIN US FOR OUR FIRST MEETING!!! Send an email to Ms. Soltow to be included for the virtual TEAMS get together OR Text the code @ahsmarquee to 81010. 

Click the PDF below for more information! 

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Welcome to the information page for the Marquee Drama Club!

We are an inclusive club that is charged with producing the Fall Play and the Spring Musical each year.

Our Town

You can get involved both on and off stage, but the real good news is, you do not need to be a part of the productions in order to be in the club! There are other ways that you can be a member. 

We do meetings once a month (sometimes twice) during which we play theatre games, run workshops on different performance elements (tech, improv, singing, etc.), and just have fun. We also do fundraising which you can help with throughout the year and we have volunteering opportunities for the productions (ushering, set up, tear down, etc). 

Drama Club

Your involvement could get you into the Thespian Honor Society for doing 100 hours of service for the club in one school year. This prestigious society is great for college applications and for giving you a place to connect to others. 

If you have any question or need more information, send an email to Ms. Soltow at [email protected] You can also stop by the black box theatre, F108, to speak to her in person. 

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CONGRATULATIONS to the Drama Club Officers for 2020-2021!


President----------- Andrew Bawiec.   Andrew

Vice President----- CJ Obiajulu. CJ

Secretary----------- Khiyali Pillalamarri.    Khiyali


Thank you to everyone who ran for these positions. Your ideas were heard and we cannot wait to work to make the drama club even better!