For Students


FIRST Login to Access your HCPS Account on an HCPS computer:

Username = [email protected]

(Sample) [email protected]

Password = Current password used this summer or last year. (Reset as needed; for assistance call AHS 410-273-5500)

Students new to HCPS, password is Aberdeen######(Student number/lunch pin number)

Computer issues and Solutions
Update not installing (continuously spinning for long periods of time).
Solution: If the update was started at school it cannot reconnect to home Wi-Fi. The computer needs to be directly connected to the home modem with a network cable (cable not included). Or it needs to finish install connected an HCPS school’s network.
Black screen with a mouse arrow
Solution: Hold down the power button on the computer until it restarts.
Time (time zone) not correct on computer.

Students will need to change time zone on the computer (see picture below) it will not fix / change  right away the network settings
will sync / change overnight.

Once the device connects to Wi-FI and communicate to a time server, it will auto-adjust. It may take some time or the next reboot of the device.

Headphones Do Not work

Solution: The work around is to tell the students to have their headphones plugged in while it is powered down. Turn it off while they are plugged in and it will work.
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