Connect 5 Outreach February 5, 2021

Good evening,

This is Michael Quigg, Principal of Aberdeen High School reaching out with an important message:

In accordance with the Superintendent’s Return to In-Person Learning Plan, students will be able to return to school for 1 day per week as part of a hybrid model of instruction beginning on March 15, 2021.    A Microsoft form has been posted to our website and social media platforms that we would like you to complete.  If you are receiving this communication via text or email, the link is below:

The Microsoft form will allow each family to indicate their desire to have your child return to school in a cohort capacity or to remain virtual.   Please respond to the Microsoft form no later than Monday, February 15, 2021.   We will send an additional electronic communication on February 26th with the final confirmation of the student’s intent either to remain at home on-line every day or to return to school 1 day a week.  

On March 12, 2021, a Flex Friday, students new to Aberdeen High School, which includes the Freshman Class, will be given an opportunity to visit the building for a self-guided tour to familiarize themselves with the building and to find classrooms.  Individual appointment times will be emailed to the student’s school email account.   To maintain CDC social distancing recommendations, returning upperclassmen are not permitted. Parents are asked to wait for their student in their car while the student tours the building.  Again, it is important for new students to check their email accounts for the invitation and an appointment time.  A brief orientation is also planned for the first day when students return to the building.

Two additional reminders:

  • 2nd Quarter Report cards will be available on Home Access Center after 5pm on February 5, 2021.
  • With the absence of portrait day this year, the Aberdeen High School yearbook staff is asking each 9th – 12th grade student to upload their own portrait photo for use in this year’s yearbook.  They will just choose an appropriate portrait photo from their camera roll or take one on the spot and upload it through Please have your child check their email for specific directions.
  • The yearbook staff reserves the right to reject any photo that does not accurately represent the student identified, does not follow proper student dress code and/or does not meet publications standards.


Don’t delay! We want to include every student’s portrait in the book.  Due to publishing deadlines, we need all portraits uploaded to by February 22, 2021!

Thanks for your help!   We are working hard on creating a yearbook that captures this historic school year.  If you have not already ordered yours, you can do so at

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!


Michael Quigg

Principal, Aberdeen High School