Connect 5 March 31, 2023

Good morning,


This is Mr. Quigg, Principal of Aberdeen High School, calling with an important message:


This morning, a teacher who was returning to their classroom, following two days of being out of the classroom, found that a rope tied in the likeness of a noose had been hung from his white board. Along with the rope, were messages from what appears to be three different authors. We are appalled and deeply saddened that someone brought this noose into our building. We are equally disgusted with one particular statement written on the white board that appears to be racially motivated. We are continuing a thorough investigation of the situation and disciplinary action will be taken. Law enforcement partners at the Aberdeen Police Department, along with HCPS Safety and Security, our SRO, the supervisor of equity and cultural proficiency, and school administrators are committed to identifying any person involved.


As a school, we welcome and honor diversity and are committed to facilitating a safe and secure environment for all our students and staff. Your support at home is greatly appreciated! Please encourage your student that if they see something, to report it to administrators, the SRO, or someone else that they trust at the school so that we can immediately address it. If you have any questions, you can reach me at school.


Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.