Connect 5 November 17, 2022 Item 2

Good evening, this is Michael Quigg, principal of Aberdeen High School.  


Out of an abundance of caution, there will still be an increase in police presence at our building over the next few days.  Please reiterate with your student that if they have any information about the incidents that occurred in the community last night, they can speak to any law enforcement partners, school resource officers, or Aberdeen High School staff. 

As an additional reminder, students are prohibited from wearing bookbags, shoulder bags or satchels or carrying large handbags during the school day. If students are found to be wearing these items, they may be subject to disciplinary actions.  Only strings bags approximately the size of student computers are permitted. As always, our number priority is the safety of our students and our staff!


Thank you for your time and attention and have a wonderful evening!