The deadline for Seniors to choose theirYearbookpose OR submit their own photo for theYearbookis January 31st. 


How do I select myYearbookPose?

  1. All photos may be view at
  2. Once you have claimed your proofs:
  3. Click “View Proofs”.
  4. Look for the “Select yourYearbookPortrait” box.
  5. Click “Select Pose” to open the selection panel.
  6. ViewYearbookacceptable images by using the slider arrows in the pop-up window.
  7. Once the large preview shows the pose you want to select for yourYearbook, click “Submit Portrait” at the bottom of the window.
  8. Confirm your choice by clicking “Yes, Submit Portrait.”
  9. Your pose selection will be displayed on your proof page in theYearbookPortrait box.

How do I change myYearbookPose?
Once you’ve made aYearbookpose selection, you cannot change it online. However, as long as your school’sYearbookselection deadline has not passed, you can change your pose selection by contacting Customer Service via live chat.

How do I submit my own photo?
Email a high resolution image to Mrs. Kelley at [email protected]