Sora Digital Library

AHS now has a digital library where you can check out a variety of eBooks and audiobooks on any laptop or smartphone!

All you need to do is go to or download the Sora app on your smartphone and sign in using your Microsoft school account. 

How to get started on Sora:
Getting started on Sora

Connect to the Harford County Public Library  to have even more eBooks and audiobooks to choose from:
How to connect to the public library

Don't have a library card? Get a digital card for free:
Harford County Public Library Website

Having issues getting a digital library card? Call your local Harford County Public Library.

Aberdeen's Public Library Phone:

Have a eBook or audio book recommendation for Sora? Let me know HERE! Or you can fill out the form on this web page. 

Questions? Email Ms. Kline at [email protected]

Happy Reading!