Connect 5 Outreach October 13, 2020

Good evening,


This is Michael Quigg, Principal of Aberdeen High School reaching out with an important reminder:

Starting November 16th, in accordance with the Superintendent’s Return to In-Person Learning Plan, students will be offered the opportunity to return to school for one day a week as a part of a hybrid model of instruction.  Families will have following options:

Option 1) Remain 100% Virtual- Have your student remain at home and continue to participate in synchronous classes virtually.


Option 2) The Hybrid – Your students can opt in to the Hybrid model for instruction, which will allow 25% of the students to participate in school one day a week while the remaining students participate in virtually home. Learning continues to be delivered in a virtual environment while at school, but allows some access to teachers.

We are asking that if you have not already done so, please complete the questionnaire attached to the following link by noon this Friday October 16th.

If you cannot open the link directly, please copy and paste it into your web browser.  Additionally, this link can be found on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages as well as on our school’s website.


Have a wonderful evening!


Michael Quigg

Principal, Aberdeen High School